Hannah and Her Sisters

OK, uh...
Ask her ifyou can see her for lunch,
or a drink tomorrow.

And be ready to make light
of the offer ifshe's unresponsive.

This has to be done very skilfully
and very diplomatically.

Did you ever read this one...?
- Elliot, don't!
- Lee, l'm in love with you!

- (recordjumps)
- What are you doing?

l'm sorry. l have to talk to you.
There's so much l want to say.

- l've been in love with you for so long...
- (Frederick shouting)

Forget it! l'm not interested in selling it.
l only asked if you had
something with a little puce in it!

What's wrong?
l don't care about your interior decorator!
l can't commit to anything without
consulting her first. That's why l have her.

This is degrading! You don't buy paintings
to blend in with the sofa!

lt's not a sofa. lt's an ottoman!
God, forget it.
Let's just get outta here, Elliot.

What a weirdo that guy is. Paranoid...
- What's the matter with you?
- l'll be OK.

- lt's no big deal. We just didn't hit it off.
- No, you go on ahead.

- Are you OK? You're sweating.
- Yeah, l just need some fresh air.

lt's probably something l ate.
l'll walk, you go ahead. Go on.

- (phone rings)
- Hello.

Oh, there you are! l was looking for you.
l must apologise.
l'm sorry. l'm so mixed up!

How do you expect me to react?