Hannah and Her Sisters

We're communicating less,
you sleep with me less...

Hannah, l am very mixed up! Now, please!
Do you talk to Holly or Lee
behind my back? Do you?

You must. They seem to
know so much about us.

Maybe l've asked advice
once or twice, or made a joke.

Do you talk to Holly, or Lee,
or what? Do you phone them?

Leave me alone, can you?!
Jesus, l've told you.
l need someone l can matter to!

You matter to me, completely.
lt's hard to be around someone who gives
so much and needs so little in return.

l have enormous needs.
Well, l can't see them,
and neither can Lee or Holly!

(Hannah) lt's so pitch black tonight.
l feel lost.
(Elliot) You're not lost.