Hannah and Her Sisters

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving!
- Hi, Daisy. l didn't miss dinner, did l?
- No.

Hi, Marge. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving, Amy.
( piano playing ''lsn't lt Romantic'')
lt's beautiful.
- Don't be nervous. lt's your husband.
- Hi.

- Hi. How are you doing?
- OK.

- When did you get here?
- Just a few minutes ago.

- You look so beautiful.
- Thanks.

l was talking to your father before.
l was telling him that it's ironic.

l used to always have
Thanksgiving with Hannah.

l never thought that
l could love anybody else.

And here it is, years later, and l'm married
to you, and completely in love with you.

The heart is a very,
very resilient little muscle.

lt would make a great story, l think. A guy
marries one sister and it doesn't work out.

Then, years later,
he winds up married to the other sister.