Heartbreak Ridge

Major Powers wants us to die in a loud,
grotesque, military manner.

I don't give a fuck about Major Powers.
My job is to keep you men alive.
Let's move on.

Coming to the ambush site
over the next hill.

Roger that.
It helps, knowing when and where
you're going to be hit, sir.

Easy. Give them a few more yards,
then we'll nail the coffin shut.

Chill out. Here they come.
Hit them now!
Cease fire!
You're in the wrong ambush site!
Cease fire!
They're in the wrong ambush site!
Recon! Recon!
- Sergeant Major!
- Yes?

Turn this damn thing off.
Makes a hell of a racket, doesn't it, sir?
This man usurped authority,
disregarded procedures...

...and ignored my personal directives
all week. Why, Lieutenant?

- Sir, I thought the training...
- You think too much and act too little.

You're supposed to be an officer.
Look it up in your leader's handbook.

Who gave you permission to deviate
from the training schedule?

I needed to evaluate my men, sir.
They're not your men, you son of a bitch.
They're the U.S. Marine Corps' men.

The 2nd Division's men.
The 8th Marine Regiment's men.

In other words, they're my men.
And so are you. Get it?