(bell rings)
Excuse me. Where is
Cletus Summers' office?

- Up the stairs.
- Thank you.

- You're not the new coach?
- Were you expecting someone different?

- Younger, I guess.
- Sorry to disappoint you.

Cletus said he was hiring someone who
never coached high school before, so I...

I coached in college.
And I hear you're our new history
and civics teacher as well.

- That's part of the job, as I understand it.
- Have any experience teaching?

Tell me something.
Am I being interviewed here?

- I thought I already had the job.
- Straight up.

If everyone is as nice as you, country
hospitality is gonna get an awful name.

What a pleasant thing to say.
- Cletus?
- Hmm?

- What are you doing down there?
- Floatin'.

Norman Dale?
I hardly recognised you.
It's been 20 years.
Buffalo State Teachers College,
spring of '31.

I had a hell of a time tracking you down.
I didn't know you were still in the service.

I'm here now.
You really made good time.
Wasn't it just yesterday or the day before
that we settled this thing?

Well, you said practice started last week.
I figured I'd get here as soon as I could.