It's been a while for you.
- Yeah. I appreciate what you're doing...
- Let's not be repeating ourselves.

Your slate's clean here.
We got a job to do.

So come on, Coach,
let me show you around.

This is where it all happens. Not exactly
what you're used to, but we're proud of it.

During the season we put
800 people in here every Friday night.

- When does practice start?
- Well, we'll practise at noon this week,

cos some of the boys have got to
get ready for threshin' on Saturday.

Jimmy, I want you to meet someone.
- This is Norman Dale, our new coach.
- (Norm) Hi.

- Real friendly town you got here.
- It can be.

Let's go on back out to the farm.
I got a place fixed up out there for you.

Get you squared away.
That's it. Thank you.
- Say hello to Chester.
- Hello, Chester.

Say goodbye to Chester.
So you say this kid Jimmy wouldn't
play basketball after the coach died?

Well, the coach was
kind of like an old man to him.

Kid never had any family
of his own to speak of.

At least he comes on down to the school
and shoots them buckets.

Aside from that, he's just about
backed away from everything.

I don't know why you're going on so
about this kid being irreplaceable.

It's my experience
that nobody's irreplaceable.

Well, I think there's something
you don't understand.

In over 40 years of looking
at the best this state's ever had,

I've never seen a better ball player
than Jimmy Chitwood. Never.