Come on, defence!
Block it out! Block it out!

Come on, set up the offence!
Pass it off! Pass it off!

Four passes!
- (Norm) Work for the good shot!
- Shoot the ball!

Come on!
I want you to close down those
passing lanes. Your defence is awful!

- What about our offence? We can't win...
- Keep your mouth shut until I tell you.

What kind of wing-nut stunt are you
trying to pull?! Chrissakes, mister...

- Get out of here! Get out!
- It's embarrassing...

Stay out!
I don't want anybody in this locker room
at half-time. Keep them outta here.

Norm, I'm trying hard to believe
that you know what you're doing.

I know what I'm doing.
You've got three fouls.
Guys, remember what we worked on
in practice. I wanna see it on the court!

How many times are we gonna pass
before we shoot? How many?

(all) Four.
Set it up! Set it up!