Those of you on the floor
at the end, I'm proud of you.

You played your guts out.
I'm only gonna say this one time.
All of you have the weekend.
Think about whether or not
you wanna be on this team or not...

under the following condition.
What I say when it comes to
this basketball team is the law,

absolutely and without discussion.
Come on, guys.
Let's listen to what he says.

- Shut up.
- You shut up, Rade.

Hey, Coach, how about a haircut?
- Who cuts your hair?
- Yours truly.

Oh, no. (chuckles)
Hey, gonna play with three next time?
Those aren't bad odds, five against three!

- Let me help you there.
- Oh. Appreciate it.

Opal Fleener.
I been hearing plenty on you.

Mother likes basketball.
- That's the truth, and then some.
- Here.

It's all right. I can do it, thank you.
Mother, it's late. Better get going.

Sun don't shine on
the same dog's ass every day, but...