I want you to come to the practices and
sit on the bench with me during games.

Me? You want me?
What do you say?
Under the following conditions.

That you, uh...
clean yourself up and, uh...
you shave.
You show up at the games on time, and
the practices, and wear a shirt and tie.

I got myself a suit, right there. I got a
wingdinger. I was married in that suit.

And that you're sober.
Oh, no.
- My wife sent you.
- No.

My son?
What... what has my drinkin' got to do
with my knowledge about basketball?

You can't drink in front of these boys.
If I smell even a trace of liquor
on your breath, you'll be finished.

I don't have to hear that from you.
You're embarrassing your son.
I don't need to hear that.
I'd... I'd like you to leave.

I'd like you to leave now.
(Norm) Time-out, ref!
Nice shot, Rade.