- I see.
- Ludo!

For one moment I thought
you were running to help her.

But no, not after my warnings.
- That would be stupid.
- Oh, you bet it would!

Me help her
after your warnings?

- Oh, dear. Poor Hoghead.
- Hoggle.

I've just noticed
your lovely jewels are missing.

Oh, yes, so they are.
My lovely jewels. Let me think.
I better find 'em, but first
I'm off to take the little lady...

back to the beginning of the labyrinth,
just like we planned.

I've got a much better plan.
Give her this.
Wha-- What is it?
It's a present.
It ain't gonna hurt
the little lady, is it?

Why the concern?
- I won't do nothin' to harm her.
- Oh, come, come, Hogbrain.

I'm surprised at you
losing your head over a girl.

I ain't lost my head.
You don't think a young girl
could ever like...

a repulsive little scab
like you, do you?

She said we was--
Bosom companions?
- Don't matter.
- You'll give her that...

or I'll tip you straight
into the Bog of Eternal Stench...

before you can blink.
Yes. Right.
And Hoggle...
if she ever kisses you,
I'll turn you into a prince.

You-- You will?
Prince of the Land ot Stench.
What's going on?