Little Shop of Horrors

''Watch 'em drop
Little Shop of Horrors

What a creepy thing to be happening

''Look out!
Feel the Sturm und Drang in the air

''Stop right where you are
Don't move a thing

''You'd better, telling you, you'd better
Tell your mama

''Something's gonna get her
She'd better, everybody better, beware

''Here it comes, baby
''Tell those bums, baby
''Hit the dirt, baby
''Red alert, baby
''Alley Oop, haul it off the stoop
l'm warning you

''Look out!
''Run away Child,
You're gonna pay if you fail

''Look around, look who's coming down
Down the street for you

''You bet 'cha
You bet your butt, you bet 'cha

''Best believe it
Something's come to get 'cha

''Better watch your back and your tail
''Little Shop
Little Shop of Horrors

You'll never stop the terror

''Little Shop
Little Shop of Horrors''