Little Shop of Horrors

...that maybe what the firm needs is
to move in a new direction?

What Seymour's trying to say is....
Seymour, why don't you run downstairs
and bring up...

...that strange and interesting new plant
you've been working on?

Some of those exotic plants
Seymour's been tinkering around with...

...are really unusual.
We thought that maybe some of those
strange and interesting new plants...

...prominently displayed and advertised,
would attract business.

l'm afraid it isn't feeling very well today.
There. Now, isn't that bizarre?
At least.
What kind of a weirdo plant is that?
l don't know.
l think it's some kind of flytrap...

...but l haven't been able to identify it
in any of my books.

l gave it my own name though.
l call it an Audrey ll.

After me?
l hope you don't mind.
Sir, if you were to put
a strange and interesting plant like this...

:12:02 in the window, then maybe....
Maybe what? Maybe what?
Do you have any idea
how ridiculous you sound?

Just because you put a strange plant
in the window people don't suddenly--

Excuse me. l couldn't help noticing
that strange and interesting plant.

What is it?
lt's an Audrey ll.
l've never seen anything like it before.
No one has.
Where did you get it?
Remember that total eclipse of the sun
about a week ago?

I was walking
in the wholesale flower district that day.

And I passed by this place
where this old Chinese man....

He sometimes sells me
weird and exotic cuttings.

'Cause he knows strange plants
are my hobby.

He didn't have anything unusual
there that day.

So I wasjust about to,
you know, walk on by...