Little Shop of Horrors

Then l'll just have to take twice as many.
Twice as many?
Twice as many!
Twice as many!
That plant in the window,
it's simply amazing!

That plant in the window,
wherever did you get it?

-There it is, Marge.
-Oh, my gosh, it's peculiar.

Thank you very much, sir!
Thank you!
Thank you! Come again!
Come and look at the weirdo plant
some more!

lt's just going to get bigger
and more interesting.

Just don't stand there! Quick, quick!
Put the plant back.... What did you call it?
Audrey ll.
Put that Audrey ll back in the window
where passersby can see it.

l never thought this could happen!
l'm taking us all out to dinner tonight!
l'd love to, Mr. Mushnik, but l have a date.
With that nogoodnik?
You don't need a date with him.
You need major medical.

He's a rebel, Mr. Mushnik,
but he makes good money.

...he's the only fella l got.
Enjoy dinner. Goodnight, Seymour.
Goodnight, Audrey.
Poor girl.
Are we still going out?
You're not going anywhere!
You're staying right here
and taking care of that sick plant!

l told you it's been giving me trouble.
Audrey ll is not a healthy girl.

Between us, neither is Audrey l.
lf l only knew what breed it was.
Who cares what breed it is?
Look what it's done for business.

Work. Nurse this plant back to health.
l'm counting on you.