Little Shop of Horrors

''Take a chance
Feed me and

''You know the kind of eats
And red-hot treats

''The kind of sticky, licky sweets l crave
''Come on, Seymour, don't be a putz
''Trust me, and your life
Will surely rival King Tut's

''Show some initiative, work up some guts
And you'll get it''

''l don't know''
Come on, boy!
''l don't know''
Lighten up.
''l have so...
'' many strong...
Tell it to the Marines.
''Should l go...
''...and perform...
''You didn't have nothing
Till you met me

''Come on, kid
What will it be?

''Money? Girls?
''One particular girl?
''How about that Audrey?
''Think it over
''There must be someone you could 86
''Real quiet like and get me some lunch!
''Think about a room at the Ritz
''Wrapped in velvet, covered in glitz
''A little nookie gonna clean up those zits,
and you'll get it

''Gee, l'd like a Harley machine
Tooling around like l was James Dean

''Making all the guys on the corner
turn green

''lf you want to be profound
lf you really got to justify

''Take a breath and look around
''A lot of folks deserve to die''
Wait a minute!
That's not a very nice thing to say.

But it's true, isn't it?
l don't know anyone who deserves to get
chopped up and fed to a hungry plant!

Sure you do.