Little Shop of Horrors

Yeah, great!
You are something special.
You are something special!
Thank you!
lt's your professionalism that l respect.
Don't stop, Doc! Don't stop!
Come on! More!

What do you want? Say, ''Please! ''
l'm going to get a candy bar!
Get out!
What's wrong?
Get out of here!
What's the matter?
Go on! Get out of here!
This way.
l'm gonna tell each and every one
of my friends about you--

What's this?
Goddamn sicko!
Let me ask you something.
Does this scare you?

Would you like if l took this and made
straight for your goddamn incisors?

lt'd hurt, right?
You'd scream!
Get your ass in there!
-Don't l know you?
-Seymour Krelborn. We met yesterday.

Your mouth's a mess, kid.
That wisdom tooth.
We'll rip that bugger right out of there.

What do you say?
There's always time for dental hygiene.

You ever seen the results
of a neglected mouth?