They found talcum powder on her leg,
but there wasn't any in the bathroom.

lt came out of a rubber glove
as you pulled it off to touch her.

You took off your gloves
to touch her, didn't you?

You touched her with your bare hands
and then you put your gloves back on!
But while your gloves were off,
did you open all their eyes
so they could see you?

- Jack, this is Graham.

ls Price still in Latent Prints?
- Yeah, the Single Print lndex.

What have you got?
- Get him to Atlanta.

Atlanta P. D. dusted everything and
they're good. - Not as good as Price.

l'll send him tomorrow.
What do you want him to do?

Dust Mrs. Leeds' finger and toenails
and the corneas of all their eyes.

l think he took off his gloves.
The subject's teeth look like this.
These were reconstructed
from the bite mark impressions we took
from Mrs. Leeds and the Jacobi woman.

He has pegged lateral incisors,
that's these teeth here and here.

Vice and narcotics, you take the
K-Y cowboys and the leather bars.

Marcus, Whitman heads up at the
funeral. The rest, see the sheet.

One more thing.
l've heard officers call
this killer the 'Tooth Fairy'.

Well, l don't wanna hear that
in public or see it in memoranda!

That's it.