Mona Lisa

That's right and this is Arthur
What you doing here?
Looking for Mortwell Terry, bit of
work you know, what do you do now?

Whatever comes up
Yeah but this is a knocking shop
Leave it out George
So where is he?
He's not around
Well he must be somewhere
Better ask Dudley George
Through there?
Expecting me?
Knew l was out?
l suspected it George
So where is he?
Where's who?
He's away George, South of France
He owes me Dudley, he said he'd
look after me

He said a lot of things George
Next time you see him, give him

Oi George, George, come on
Look, we need a driver
l'm a driver
Do you know what a bleeper is?
A what?
l can't understand it, how's that
little thing

lt's supposed to go bleep wherever
l am?

Well it bounces off the post office
tower George

Miracle of modern technology
Yeah but it ain't got an aerial or

Ah but it doesn't need one, look l'll
show you right

What's that? ls that going?
No that's just a tester
Well don't fuck about with it for
Christ sake

You've been pulling that bleeding
knob ain't ya

Bet you've buggered it
What do you think?
What do you do melt it down and
eat it?

No they're ornamental George
Ornamental spaghetti
Aye, l reckon it'll go a bomb
Where did you get it?
Contacts George, can't find plastic
spaghetti just anywhere