Name der Rose, Der

Search the creature.
My Lord Abbot, you invited me to

the presence of the Evil One
in your abbey...

and I have already found it.
How many times have I seen
these objects of devil worship?

The black cockerel and the black cat!
But... She did it for the food,
not the devil. Tell him!

William of Baskerville must surely
recall the trial he presided over...

in which a woman confessed
to have had intercourse...

with a demon in the form
of a black cat.

I'm sure that you don't have draw on
my past experiences...

to formulate your conclusions,
Lord Bernardo.

No indeed. Not in the face of
irrefutable evidence.

A witch! A seduced monk!
Satanic rites!

Tomorrow we shall endeavor to
learn if these events...

are connected with the mystery
that afflicts your abbey.

Lock them up! That we may all
sleep safely tonight.

You said nothing!
I said nothing because there was
nothing to be said.

You're ready enough to speak
the truth...

when it comes to books
and ideas.

She's already burned flesh, Adso.
Bernardo Gui has spoken.
She is a witch.

That's not true and you know it!