Name der Rose, Der

I know.
I also know that anyone
who disputes the verdict...

of an inquisitor
is guilty of heresy.

You seem to know a lot about it.
Oh, yes.
Won't you tell me...
as a friend?
There's not much to tell.
I too was an inquisitor, but
in the early days.

When the Inquisition strove
to guide, no to punish.

Once, I had to preside at
he trial of a man...

whose only crime was to
have translated a Greek book...

that conflicted with
the Holy Scriptures.

Bernardo Gui wanted to
condemn him as heretic.

I acquitted the man.
Then Gui accused me of heresy
for having defended him.

I appealed to the Pope.
I was put in prison...
and I recanted.
What happened then?
The man was burned at the stake...
and I'm still alive.