Nine 1/2 Weeks

Hey, sweetheart, how about
I dry you off?

Hey, babe!
Okay, don't hit me.
This is a message from Sinclair.
He's coming to your party.

That's great. So, what do we have now?
A critic, two clients, three painters.

Should be three more clients
and Molly in the back room.

You should know how to do business.
Give me a break here.
I'm calling out for coffee.
Who wants what?

I want a chocolate croissant,
Sweet 'N Low and a coffee light.

Okay. You, Liz?
Hot tea with milk.
Hey, boss-man!
I'll have a hot water with lemon
and Sweet 'N Low.

Don't let them charge for it.
Slimming down, tubs?
I don't fast to lose weight.
I fast to save money.

No sales, we'll both be in the back.
-Did you get the dip?
-Yeah, wine cheddar.

What do we have now?
Olives, crackers, pâté, what else?
French ticklers, Spanish fly,

-This guy's shy. You can't do that.
-All right, so all right.

-So, what's his name, Michael?

Sorry, love. Why?