Nine 1/2 Weeks

What is the matter?
Leaving me up there like that.
Slow down.
I see someone coming.
-Take this sucker for five dollars.
-Maybe even 1 0.

You like music?
Do I like music? Look at these guys.
Who wants to know?

My brother. He can fart the theme
from Jaws, He's really amazing.

Wait a minute. He can what?
He can fart the theme to Jaws,
It's five dollars.

Five dollars? For five dollars
I can go out and buy the record.

-Too much.
-Oh, what about a buck?

You can do this for a buck?
Go ahead, do it and then
I'll give you the buck.

Give him a dollar. Who can do it?
I can. But we need the money first.
I'll tell you what. . .
. . .you hold the money.
Go ahead, hurry up, do it.
Look at him, he looks like
he's going to take off.

-That's it.
-That's it?

That's it?
What about:
He only does the first couple of bars.
Oh, no, give me the money back.
Come on, let's go.
This is Dr, Holden 's office,
Just wanted to remind you,
you have an appointment tomorrow,