Peggy Sue Got Married

I mean, how do you think
that makes me feel?

I have certain unresolved feelings
about your father.

I don't trust him.
-And I hate those commercials.
-All right, forget it.

We don't have time
for another heart-to-heart.

Come on. You have to get dressed.
-I want you to understand it's insulting...
-Watch your hair.

...for him to go from me to that bimbo.
Do you think he really loves Janet?

Maybe he's just smashed
too many fortune cookies!

Mom, give me a break!
He's missing the reunion because of you.

You know he's dying to go.
At least we won't both have
a miserable time.

Let me see.
What do you think?
You are a very hip chick!
God, you look like you've stepped
right out of Life magazine!

I don't know.
What if nobody else there
is dressed like this?

-I don't think I wanna go.

Everybody's just gonna say,
"Well, hey, where's Crazy Charlie?"

Lots of people are separated and divorced.
Not from the guy
with the lowest prices in town.

I feel ridiculous in this dress!
I'd like to change.

Why are you so nervous?
What's the matter?

Reunions do funny things
to people at this age.

-Hi, Peggy Sue! Beth!

Hi, Maddy.
How are you?
You two look
just like that soap commercial.

-"Which one's the mother?"
-"And which one's the daughter?"

You took this seriously.
You're a real blast from the past!

It was Beth's idea.
I wish I had the nerve. And the figure.
-Hi! Peggy Sue Bodell?

-All right.

Beth's boyfriend is with the band.
-Must run in the family.
-What does?

You and your mother.
You both seem to fall for musicians.