Pretty in Pink

That's called a sense of humour.
You should get one, they're nice.

- What are we gonna do next year?
- You think I'll still be in school.

I'm serious! Not a day
has passed in eight years

when I didn't talk to you
at least 20 times!

Well, that's devotion.
I know. Even if I sometimes get angry,
you know that I secretly love it.

You see, I knew that.
I hope I'm not the only one
that knows how incredible you are.

Well, at this point in time,
I'm afraid you are, honey.

I'm gonna get something to drink,
and then we work, OK?

- You bet.
- OK. What do you want?

- Beer, Scotch, juice box. Whatever.
- OK.

Oh, God.
I love this woman.
I love this woman and I have to tell her,
and if she laughs, she laughs.
And if she doesn't love me,
she doesn't love me,

but if I don't find out...
I love her too much!
Love is real.
Thank you, thank you.
Real is love.
You're a wonderful crowd here,
you know that.

Love is living
You're fabulous. I do love you.
You're gorgeous, I love your hair.

Love is feeling
Feeling love
Love is wanting
She's gonna laugh. Would I blame her?
- There you go.
- Thanks, but I'm gonna split.

- Why? What about your paper?
- That's what I'm gonna do.

If you help me, thanks a lot, but
it won't be my work, it'll be bogus.