Ruthless People

- Oh, my God!
- [ Gunshots ]

[ Yelping ]
It just--
It just went off.

[ "Dance Champion" Performed
By Kool And The Gang ]

[ Honking ]
Coast to coast
via satellite

The greatest show
in town

Tonight we crown
the champion, yeah

So spread
the word around

Who's the best
passed the test

Who's got that look
in their eyes

Better give him
a call.

[ Phone Ringing ]
- Hello?
- This is Bender.

It's been over an hour
and he hasn't shown up.

If they haven't come by now,
I don't think they're gonna show.

Why don't you go on home?
We'll send an unmarked car
to follow you.

All right.
All right.

Give me all your money, Jack!
Come on, before I kill you.

Come on!
Come on!

- Here you go.
- Give me your wallet.

Come on, before I stick this
right through your back.

- All right, here you go. My wallet.
- Give me all your jewelry,

- your watch, rings, everything.
- Jewelry, watch.

You want my underwear too,
you piece of shit? Here.

You know, this town has got
some Neighborhood Watch!

I brought you
some more magazines.

More magazines?
How long do you plan on
keeping me down here?