ln the wake of the Nicaraguan RevoIution,
chaos has descended on EI SaIvador...

:02:05 CentraI America.
Today 1 8 peopIe were kiIIed
and 36 wounded in a fierce gun battIe...

..between antigovernment
demonstrators and the poIice.

It started when students, workers,
and peasants Iinked to the guerriIIas...

..occupied foreign embassies
and took over the cathedraI in the capitaI.

(knock at door)
In two months, more than
3,000 peopIe have disappeared.

Government spokesmen attribute this
to Ieft-wing Marxist terrorists,...

..whiIe Ieft-wing spokesmen
point to right-wing death squads.

- (woman) You cannot walk in like this!
- (man) You got some money for me? No?

- l have no money!
- l want you outta here. You understand?

- No, we cannot move out.
- Lady, l put up with this shit every month.

l want you, your crumb-snatcher and your
war hero - or whatever the fuck he is -

..l want him outta here.
Fuck your husband! You got no bucks.
Look, no bucks, no Buck Rogers, Boyle!

Just wait till l've had my coffee.
You're disturbing my kid.

- You gotta fix your bitch, Boyle.
- Shit on your paper!

(BoyIe) Good morning.
l've had it!
l cannot live like this no more!
- Hey, Nancy, hi. lt's Richard. Listen...
- Richard who?

Boyle. Richard Boyle. Yeah. Listen, l think
it's gonna blow in El Salvador real soon.

lf you could get me a new press card and
two grand, l could get some good stuff.

- No way.
- OK. Well, how about a new press card?

- Forget it.
- Come on, Nancy. Please, man.

We've had it with you. We gave you $2500
on that Lebanon gig and you ended up...

l can't take Muslim nightlife, OK?
- Hey, Alice. How you doin'?
- You Iose tickets, passports.

You drink too much and you're
a generaI embarrassment, BoyIe.

l get you the piece. How about that thing
on the lRA tortured by the Brits in Belfast?

And how about Cambodia?
The last man out, you know.