Short Circuit

I plan to.
And it's Crosby.
Newton Crosby.

- Stephanie Speck.
- Nice meeting you.

Same here.
- Ben? Ben?
- Sir! Stat!

I want you to go with Number Five
and make sure they do not...

switch off the memory.
Do you understand?

- Absolutely, sir.
- Okay.

Bye-bye, goofy woman.
I enjoyed repeatedly throwing
you to the ground.

No mistake.

You can call me
if you want to.

Call you?
To let me know
if Number Five's okay.

Okay, maybe I will.
Well, don't do me
any favors, Jack.

So there we are.
We're right on top of
Mount St. Helene's...

- and we've got two flat tires.
- Two, that's bad.

Now Hazel's running around
the parking lot.

She's waving
her credit card...

It's life.
It's life.

Very, very funny
American name, Hazel.

Well, It's sure not one you
can hear much anymore.

I never heard it
before I met her.

All except for witchhazel,
who I think she's named after.

- I thought it was a nut.
- That's an old name.

It's an old family name.
They were from
some place in Europe...

- and there's always a Hazel in it.
- In her family.

I guess there's always some
Hazel in Europe.

She's running around trying
to buy somebody's spare tire.

She's showing people her ID's
to prove the checks are good...

like a branch of our bank
where they could check.

She was even trying to swop some
souvernirs when she was gotten.

All of which were made from
the ashes of the volcano...

Did you get a piece of ash?
Of course nobody's going to sell
her a spare tire...

after what we just told
them happened to us.

Especially the way
she was telling them.

And she was trying to convince
them I wasn't a bad driver...

which I'm not.
But, she was doing it by telling
them how thin the road is.