Short Circuit

And I want them to be adults,
not barbequed.

So don't you give me
any of your bullshit.

That having been said, I think
I've got to alert the media.

Now Schroeder's going to handle
this from now on...

and you stay
at your terminal.

Howard, this is ridiculous.
Think of it as
a full-scale field test.

Leave your terminal and
you're out of a job.

Howard, we are going to have
to put up some roadblocks...

and I'm going to
need some Hueys.

Some what?
Helicopters, Howard.
Jesus Christ!

- I thought they were choppers.
- Now they're called Hueys.

Well, why wasn't I notified?
Okay, now listen to me...
- Stephanie Speck.
- Yes.

We're from KJMB News.
Can you please tell us something
About the Nova robot?

- Were you scared?
- No, no.

Did he try to molest
you in any way?

No, he's not that kaind
of a robot.

Do you kanow that there's a
US$25 thousand reward?

No, I don't kanow anything
about it.

I don't kanow where it is.
Please, leave me alone.

Why didn't you go
to the police?

You know where it is.
For US$25 thousand
I'm going to know where it is.

Is that you, Frank?
I'm warning you,
I'm armed and dangerous.

Disguise, camouflage.

Number Five!
You got away?

You can't stay here!
They'll find you!

Changed color.

nice software.

You sure don't talk
like a machine.

Alive, Stephanie.
Number Five alive.