Short Circuit

Yes, I know you think
you're alive...

but those guys who built
you say no way.

I don't know what
to think anymore.

I know it's not safe
for you here.

Go on.
Get out.

Solitude, isolation.

Number Five, come on!
Lonely bum.
Number five, please.
If I went to jail, who would
take care of my animals?

You sure wouldn't.
What are you doing?
"A can of soup.
A meal in itself."

All right, you can stay,
but just for tonight.

If they catch you
I don't know you.

You got it.
Okay, Ben, let's do it.
This is the very first vehicle
I've stolen in the US of A.

Me, too. It's kind of exciting,
Isn't it?

With excitement like this,
who is needing enemas?

Look Ben, we're doing
the right thing.

If they trash Number Five, we'll
never find out what happened.

Dr. Marner!
I knew you would try this.
You're not going
to make it, fellas.

There are soldiers out there
with bazooka's and choppers...

or whatever the hell
they call them now.

We've got to try anyway. You're
a scientist, you understand.

I'm a business man.
I'm not a scientist anymore.

Damn you, Howard.
20 years ago you would have
chauffeured us in this situation.

Times have changed.
That was then
and this is now.

All right, now come on.
Let's get back upstairs.

What the heck, Newton.
Let us punch the sack.
Tomorrow is the next day.

No. I'm going.
Howard, shoot me
if you have to.

Don't think I won't.
Come on, Howard,
you know you're bluffing.

Rama, Lord Rama.
Lord Rama,
Lord Rama, grant my wish.

All right, I'm bluffing.
Thank you. Come on, Ben,
let's get out of here.

Very good.
It doesn't matter anyway, the
doors are electronically sealed.

Don't be too sure.
Then you'll have
to drive over me.