Something Wild

I was hoping you'd show up tonight.
- When'd you get out?
- I've been lookin' for you.

How did you get out, Ray?
- Who's this Charlie guy?
- He's nobody. I just met him.

Oh, yeah? He's out there braggin'
about what a great piece of ass you are.

Bullshit, Ray. You're sick.
He's too nice
to say something like that.

I missed you so goddamn much!
- Every sweet little part of you.
- Don't...

You should've never quit me, baby.
I tried to explain to you
in the last letter I wrote you.

Write me?! Fuck, Audrey! I'm up
for a nickel and all you can do is write?!

I don't wanna talk about it, Ray.
I said I'd have one drink with you.
But it's over. Remember that, OK?

Are you saying
that you don't love me any more?

Is that what you're saying?
- Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
- Yeah, right.

Hey, Charlie's got a beer.
Where's my beer?

- Right here.
- Aah... Damn! I forgot to get cigarettes.

Can you get me some cigarettes,
please? Please?

Sure. There ya go.
Thanks, Irene. You're all right.
(starts engine)
- Hurry up, Irene.
- Oh, yeah.

Charlie, watch this.
(Audrey) Ray, wait! Ray!
- What are you doin', Ray?
- What's it look like?

- Irene!
- Wait, there's Irene!

(Ray) She's a big girl. She'll be OK.
Besides, this is your night to celebrate.
I thought I'd make it just the three of us.