Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Captain's log: Star date 8031
in the 23rd Century.

As commanding officer
of the USS Enterprise,

I look back on our most recent
adventure and realise

I could not have asked for a more
dependable ship or dedicated crew.

Chekov, Dr McCoy,
Uhura, Scotty, Sulu,

and our late comrade Spock,
whose heroic sacrifice during
our last mission is now deeply felt.

Our ship and our lives have been
endangered by the project Genesis,

designed to bring new life
to barren moons.

We sent Spock's body there
to rest in peace.

Why did you leave him on Genesis?
Spock trusted you,
and you denied him his future.

- I saw no future.
- Only his body was in death, Kirk.

Bring him to us. And bring that
which he gave you, his living spirit.

If there's even a chance
that Spock has an eternal soul,

that's my responsibility.
Give me back the Enterprise.

Out of the question, my friend!
- The word, sir?
- The word...

:01:21 no. I am therefore
going anyway.

Sir! Someone is stealing
the Enterprise.

All stations Yellow Alert.
Commander Starfleet
on emergency channel.

He orders you
to surrender this vessel.

- No reply, Chekov.
- One minute to space doors.

Kirk! If you do this, you'll never
sit in the Captain's chair again.

- Warp speed.
- Warp speed...

Best speed to Genesis.
Unfortunately we were not
the first to arrive.

Klingon bird of prey, sir.
She's arming torpedoes.

Your presence here is an act of war.
Quickly overpowered, we had
to allow the Klingons aboard.