Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Here it comes now.
- What's causing that?
- A powerful amplification wave.

- Can we isolate the wave?
- No, it's impacting on our systems.

Yellow alert. Shields up.
Reduce closing speed.

- Thrusters have been neutralised.
- Emergency thrusters.

No response.
Emergency lights.
- Damage report?
- Systems down. Reserve power only.

Starfleet Command, this is Saratoga.
Can you hear me?

Come in, please.
Thank you, sir.
- Status report, Admiral.
- Not good, Mr President.

The probe is heading for us,
damaging everything in its path.

The Klingons have lost two vessels.
Two starships and three smaller
vessels have been neutralised.

- Neutralised? How?
- We don't know.

Get me the Yorktown.
Emergency channel 0130. Code red.
Since contact with the alien probe, all
attempts to regain power have failed.

It's using forms of energy
we do not understand.