The Color of Money

I've been
playing him off.

Yo, Vincent!
Vincent, we're on.
Hey, Vincent.
Can you believe this guy?
Hey, Vinnie.

You slide this stuff
into a bottle of Old Granddad...

you'd hardly be lying.
Pick me up.
I get off at 10:00.

Not without me
you don't.

Do you?
Wait a minute.
I'm talking bourbon.

You know the secret?
These people get a hold
of aged kegs.

You're tasting
low fusel oil content.

Just like the big guys.
It's the kegs.

Where do you get
the kegs?

That was fast.
What the hell happened?

I slipped.
He slipped.
Where do they get
the kegs?

They just do.
Do whatever you want.

It'll leave the warehouse
one way or another.

On the snap, Vincent.
That kid's got
a sledgehammer break.

Bottoms up.
Do you know who
loves this stuff?

The Chinese.
It must be the low
fusel oil content.

Don't kid yourself.
It has its effect.

It's like those things
you take for granted, like electricity.

Eddie, loan me
another 20.

Who you working,
me or him?

He's on the ropes.
He just lucked out.

You know me, right?
Take it easy.
Woo! Woo! Woo!