The Golden Child

- Am I dreaming now?
- Does a lady have to ask twice?

No! No... Please, twice!
Please, please.
Shit! Twice!
I didn't know whether you wanted
cream or sugar, so I left it black.

I want you to go to Tibet.
Will you go?

Wait a second. It's really cold in Tibet,
and I don't like the cold.

Why don't we just stay here
all weekend long under the covers,

watching television, sweating,
smiling and everything?

- You won't go.
- It's freezing in Tibet.

- Hey, where are you going?
- Tibet.

But I'm the Chosen One.
You can't get the knife.

I'll go. I'll go to Tibet.
But if it's really cold,
we have to come back here. OK?

You are not in a rush
to leave this minute, are you?

Because, you know...
A bed! Is that a bed?