Tough Guys

Excuse me.
I understand I can get a room here.
- Got a reservation?
- No, I don't.

- Hey, take it easy.
- He don't feel nothing.

Well, you're in luck.
We just got a vacancy.

Cash, credit card or cheque?
Well, I have this welfare ticket.
Oh, great. Another ex-con.
Don't you guys keep
any of the money you steal?

Room 12, top of the stairs.
Twelve. Room 12. You deaf?
Hey, pal.
What makes you think
I did time for stealing?

OK, wise guy.
What's your claim to fame?

I killed six people with an axe.
Just like that one.

Don't worry,
doctor says I'm getting much better.

We are eating our lunch today,
aren't we, Mr Doyle?