Wise Guys

- No problem.
- New Shoes...

...that cigarette shipment
from North Carolina?

They're in the warehouse, Mr. Castelo.
Four truckloads.

Excellent. Excellent.
Georgie, Louie,
any trouble with the collections?

Excellent. Excellent.
Mr. Castelo,
you forgot about me and Moe.

I never forget about you and Moe, Harry.
I always have plenty for you to do.
This is your grocery list
and your dry cleaning.

Yeah. You don't think that I'm gonna
trust these other gavonzo with that?

Happy to do it for you, Mr. Castelo.
- Moe, you're about a 40 regular, right?
- Well, yes, sir.

Yeah? Try this on.
- A jacket? For me, Mr. Castelo?
- Go over there.

- Let me see how it looks in the light.
- Oh, sure.

Hey, Mr. Castelo, a jacket. Thanks!
The jacket actually is bulletproof.
Order me a dozen. Different colors.
Thanks, Moe. Harry?
Start the car.