Wise Guys

- You could disguise yourself.
- As what?

- The Time-Life Building.
- What the fuck's the matter with you?

There's 10 grand here.
There's a horse called Longest Day.

The number two horse,
running in the second race.

Put the 10 grand on the number two horse
to win in the second race.

That act shouldn't be too complicated,
even for you two 'sto cazzo!

The second horse in the second race?
What does that mean?

That means Mr. Castelo wants me to bet
his 10 grand on that horse.

That's what that means. Nothing else.
No, that means Castelo
doesn't know shit about horses.

Today it's the two horse
in the second race.

Last week he had you bet on a gray horse
because it was a gray day.

Christmas time, he bet on Jingle Bells.
He don't know what he's betting on.

The last four times you bet for Castelo,
he lost, and lost big.

- You're making me nervous.
- Wait a minute, here's a horse.

My Baby. I won money on this horse.
In fact, you and me made a killing on this
horse a year ago at Belmont with Marco.

- I was never at Belmont with you and Marco.
- This is a voice from God.

A voice from the grave.
I can't believe what you're thinking here.

We got 10 grand in our hands.
Destiny is calling.

This is part of the grand design.
Now he's a designer. Right.
Hey, Harry, design this:

I'm betting on number two.
- Thank you.
- Look at that, Moe.

Castelo's horse ain't never gonna win.
Not now, not never.

It's a fucking glue pot.
It's going off at 25-1.
It ain't got a chance in hell.
It's off the board.

Don't you ever learn?
There's no getting through to you.

I love you, but face it,
you're a compulsive gambler.

- Wanna bet?
- That's not funny.

You know whose money this is?
This isn't just anybody's money, Harry.
This is Tony Castelo's money.

The meanest, lowest mobster in Newark,
who has guys like us for breakfast.

I can't even believe
you're serious about that.

- Forget the whole thing. Forget it.
- All right.

Forget I said it.