Wise Guys

- Frankie, please! Please, Frankie!
- Look, schmuck...

...Harry spoke to us a little while ago
and he sold your ass down the river.

He would never do that!
He's my best friend!

Are you sure about that, dickface?
Come on. Whose idea was it?

It was my idea!
I swear to God, it was all my idea!

This, I didn't expect.
I figured Valentini would sell
the Jew down the river.

But this is interesting.
- They're protecting each other.
- Let me waste them, Mr. Castelo.

- Do we really hurt them by killing them?
- It's a good start.

But have we taught them anything?
The real issue here...
...is loyalty.
I wanna know...
...why these wise guys
are loyal to each other...

...and not to me.
...let's put them to the test.
Like how?
Like having them kill each other.
Out of respect for your Uncle Mike...
...the man who made me
what I am today...

...I decided I'm not gonna kill you.
You see, before Mike Valentini retired...
...and became the recluse
that he is today...

...he taught me something, Harry.
He taught me...
...that what really matters...
...is loyalty.
And the code!
And that matzo betrayed you, Harry!