Wise Guys

That kind of piece.
Take it...
...and kill Dickstein.
Take it!
Kill Harry?
- I could never do that.
- You got no choice.

...you okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
How about you?
I'm okay.
I don't think I've been
more scared in my life, though.

We'd have been dead
if it wasrt for my Uncle Mike.

Yeah, Uncle Mike.
They backed off because
of Uncle Mike.

That's what they told me.
That's what they told you?
- Good old Uncle Mike.
- Good old Uncle Mike.

Moe, I want you to know, I went
the whole nine yards for you tonight.

I took full responsibility.
- You took full responsibility?
- Absolutely.

I'd never do anything to hurt you, Moe.
I'd never do anything to hurt you, Harry.
After all, you're my best friend on earth.

- And you're mine.
- So I guess our troubles are over, right?