Wise Guys

...and chopping people up
into little pieces.

- Oh, my God.
- Marco, I don't know what...

Will you shut up and just do like I do!
He doesn't want us to do that,
does he, Harry?

- He's dead, Moe.
- What?

- He's dead. Dead.
- Are you sure?

He's got a bullet hole in his back.
He ain't going dancing.

Oh, my God. Where did it come from?
The balcony!
Christ almighty. Let's get out of here.
Hey, you guys, stop right there!
This way.
The Fixer loves that car.
If we take it, he'll kill us.

And if we don't?
My car. My car.
Get out of here!
- That's my car you're shooting at, asshole.
- They just took it, okay?

I'll kill those motherfuckers.
Marco's dead. I can't believe it.
I gotta think. I gotta think!
Who do you think they hired to kill me?
I don't know.
Who did they hire to kill me?

I don't know.
Can't be anybody we know.

Whoever it is, we're dead men.
We gotta get out of Newark.