Wise Guys

Is Uncle Mike there?
I'd like to speak with him, please.

She's getting Uncle Mike. What a card.
Uncle Mike. Hi.
Listen, Uncle Mike...

...I'm coming down to Atlantic City,
me and Moe Dickstein.

What? He said to say hello.
- Let me say hi.
- No, no, no!

Uncle Mike. Oh, no. All right. Yeah.
No, I understand, Uncle Mike.

All right. Sure. No, everybody's fine.
I'll be down in a little while to talk to you.

Okay, bye-bye. Uncle Mike sounds great.
He sounds wonderful! Never better.

- He can't wait to see us.
- Wait, he remembered me?

Fondly. He referred to you as "the cute little
Jewish kid with sandy hair and hazel eyes. "

- He said that?
- His exact words.

- I thought the guy couldn't stand me.
- Our troubles are over. South.

Let's get out of here.
- He remembered me?
- Yeah.

Moe, take me to Atlantic City, my man.
Harry, don't you think we look
a little conspicuous in this thing?

What do you got in mind?
Yeah. Yeah!
I hope the Fixer likes pink.
He'll love it. Besides, this paint job's
guaranteed up to 60 miles an hour.

Boy, the Fixer really loves this car, Moe.
Well, why shouldn't he, Harry?
I mean, after all, it's a classic.

Soon to be a tragedy.