Wise Guys

Whose fucking car is that?
Frank, it's your car.
My car?
I'll kill them.
I'll fucking kill them!

- Are you a guest of the hotel, sir?
- I'm a guest of your ass!

I'm looking for two good friends of mine,
Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein.

I'm sorry, sir. There's no one here
with those names.

I know they're here.
Give me a fucking room!
Give me a suite, the best of the house.

That would be the Superstar Suite.
That's right, the Superstar Suite.
Oh, Mr. Acavano. You're already
in the Superstar Suite.

- Hey, Frank! You're in a hotel!
- Frankie. Frankie. Frank, take it easy.

Still got a temper, huh, Fixer?
- Santo, Joey.
- Bobby.

DiLea, long time no see.
Not long enough. If you don't mind,
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

I'm looking for Valentini and Dickstein.
Really? Why?
Why? Because they got Mr. Castelo
for 250 big ones. That's why.

I don't mean to laugh, but the thought
of little Harry and Moe...

...doing that to Tony Castelo?
By the way, how is Mr. Castelo?
- Angry. Fucking angry.
- Frank, take it easy.

- Fixer, this isn't Newark. Watch your mouth.
- Come on, take it easy.

Look, why don't we all settle down.
Let's have a drink.

I'd like to hear what happened
with Harry and Moe and Mr. Castelo.