A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

And in local news, two more
teenage deaths have occurred...

both suicides.
County health officials
are at a loss to explain...

this alarming trend.
Nothing like a little
cheery news to start the day.

Doc, l got a new theory
about all these suicides.

Don't hold back on us, Max.
We need all the help we can get.

lt's fucked-up chromosomes.
Think about it.

All their parents dropped acid
during the sixties.

lt beats Simms' theory.
She thinks it's sex,
drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

That's what keeps people alive.

Hi, Taryn.
You don't look so hot, kid.
Are you getting some sleep?

l didn't think so.
Good morning, Dr. Gordon.
Good morning, Jennifer.
How are the burns?

Regular, menthol, ultra-light.
They're healing up nicely.
l've been good. When do l get
my cigarette privileges back?

Don't hold your breath.
-Hey, Doc.

How is he?
He's cooling down.
lf he continues having
these outbursts...

l'll have to have him
isolated permanently.

Don't worry.
lt won't come to that.

l read the report
on the new staff member.

What did you think?
l don't understand why
some grad school superstar...

is being treated
like a seasoned pro.

She's doing ground-breaking
research on pattern nightmares.

We don't need any outside help.
l know these kids.

l don't want some hotshot
taking chances with them...

just so she can get published.
Dr. Gordon, Dr. Simms,
to examination, stat.

This is ridiculous.
l know my daughter.

She's just trying
to get some attention.

l won't play one of her
little games with her.

Suicide attempt.
Just down from Country General.

-What's her name?
-Kristen Parker.