A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

pulled someone into your dream?
When l was a little girl,
like four or five...

if l had a nightmare,
l'd always bring my dad in.

The dreams
would always get better.

He used to tell me about it
the next day.

He used to think
they were his dreams.

When did that stop?
When l was still a kid.
My folks got divorced,
and after a while...

l just thought
l imagined the whole thing.

l guess l didn't.
lt's an amazing gift.
The man in my dreams,
he's real, isn't he?

He's real.
OK. Group's in session.
Straight talk only in this room.
Today l'd like to start
getting us acquainted...

with our new staff member
Nancy Thompson.

Let's make her welcome.
You've already met
Phillip and Kincaid...

and, of course, Kristen.
How about the rest of you tell
Nancy about yourselves?

Will, how about you first?
Hi, l'm Will Stanton.
l've had a little accident,
as you can see...

ended up in this chair.
Accident, my ass.
You said this was straight talk.

So he took a jump. He wasn't
sticking needles in his arms.

Save it, Kincaid. Jennifer?
l'm Jennifer Callfield...
and as soon as
l get out of here...

l'm going to Los Angeles
to be an actress.

l'm going to be on TV.
Yeah. "Lifestyle
of the Rich and Psychotic."

Screw you.
This is Joey. He used to be
a debater in school.

Now he doesn't talk much.
l'm Taryn White.
The only reason l'm in here...
is because
it's better than juvie hall.

Also because l'm going through
some very strange shit.