A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Your dreams?
Everybody has bad dreams.
Can l interject something
just to save time?

Sure, Phillip, go ahead.
According to our kind hosts...
our dreams
are a group psychosis--

sort of a mellow mass hysteria.
The fact that
we all dreamt about this guy...

before we ever met
doesn't impress anybody.

So we go in circles...
making minimal progress
with maximum effort.

You won't make any progress...
until you recognize your dreams
for what they are.

And what are they?
The by-products of guilt.
Psychological scars
stemming from moral conflicts...

and overt sexuality.
Oh, great.
lt's my dick that's killing me.

Tell me what's supposed
to be happening again.

You're being attacked
by the bog demon.

Doesn't count.
You got to say the words.

-This is stupid.
-Come on.

ln the name of Lowrek,
Prince of Elves, demon begone.

You conquered the demon...

but your horse
is sinking in the bog.

What do you do?
l go to bed, and get a new horse
in the morning.

How do l score that--
enchanted slumber or death?

All right, fellas. Lights out.
Aw, Max.
'Aw, Max." You know the rules.
Come on, Joey. You, too.
Every time
we get a good game going...

it's always, "Lights out."
-Good night, fellas.
-Night, Max.

OK, you get first shift.