A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Oh, come on.
l had it last night.

Good. Just remember,
keep your eyes open...

and one whimper,
and you wake me up, OK?

-This is nice.
-You never been here before?

No. l think it opened
when l was at school.

Best Thai food in Springwood.
Of course, it's the only
Thai food in Springwood.

Do your parents
still live around here?

My mother passed away.
She died in her sleep.
l'm sorry.
My father and l...
Things just seemed
to fall apart after that.

Sounds like a rough time.
lt was.
What if l told you that...
your patients
are in real physical danger...

from their dreams?
The nightmares are nothing but
a symptom of the real problems.

Then let's just eliminate
the symptom for the time being.

With Hypnocil?
That's right.
You want me to prescribe...
an experimental
psychoactive drug...

to a bunch
of suicidal teenagers?

Just until we get things
under control.

Dream deprivation is
nothing to fool with.

You have no business
taking it yourself.

l used to be like them.
l know what
they're going through.

So do l.
You told me they were survivors,
and they are.

But how much longer
they survive is up to us.

l'm sorry, Nancy.
The answer's no.