A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Mom and Dad--
l mean, that's crazy.

They never mentioned anything--
Sure. Parents tell
their kids that sort of thing--

'Good night. Say your prayers.
"By the way, we torched
some maniac last night."

So what do we do
about this creep?

Kristen is the key.
She has a very special talent.
A gift.

l haven't been able to do that
since l was little.

-You did it the other night.
-That was different.

You never lose a gift like that.
You just forget how to use it.

How about it? Will you try?
All of you have
this inner strength...

some special power
that you've had...

in your most wonderful dreams.
Together, we can learn
to use that power if we try.

You sound like Peter Pan.
Remember, open mind?
would you pull the shades down?

We're going to try
a little group hypnosis.

l want you all to follow
this pendulum with your eyes.

Tune out everything else.
Nothing else exists
but the pendulum.

Take us there, Kristen.
Breathe deeply and relax.
Starting with your toes,
relax everything...

till there's no tension
left in your bodies.

Keep following the pendulum.
You find yourselves
getting tired.

Nothing would feel better
right now...

than a nice, long, deep sleep.
l'm going to count backwards
from five.

When l finish...