A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This is where it began.
This wing's been closed
for years.

What was this place?
by the hands of men.

Twisted, lonely souls.
The worst
of the criminally insane...

were locked up in here
like animals.

This whole facility
was shut down in the forties.

Some sort of scandal?
A young girl on the staff...
was accidentally locked in here
over the holidays.

The inmates
kept her hidden for days.

She was raped...
hundreds of times.

When they found her,
she was barely alive...

and with child.
That girl was Amanda Krueger.
Her child--
The bastard son
of a hundred maniacs.

Some say he was murdered...
though no body was ever found.
You said something before
about laying him to rest.

You must find the remains...