Amazon Women on the Moon

Hold your horses, Blackie.
This voyage is for
the betterment of mankind.

[Voice Distorts] Let's
not any of us forget that.

Sure, chief.

There goes my lunch.
It's right up there
with my stomach.

Prepare for moon landing.

- Initiate rotation system.
- Rotation initiated.

Reverse retros.
Retros reversed.
Steve, we're losing pressure
in the atom chamber.

If it drops any more,
we're goners.

[Alarm Sounding]
Quick, Blackie,
switch to the emergency...

¤ Tie a yellow ribbon
round the old oak tree ¤

¤ It's been
three long years ¤

¤ Do ya still want me ¤
¤ If I don't see a ribbon
round the old oak tree ¤

¤ I'll stay on the bus
forget about us ¤

¤ Put the blame on me ¤
Did you know
that every seven minutes,

a black person is born
in this country without soul?

Hello, I'm B.B. King.
Won't you help Don Simmons
and the thousands of others...

that suffer from
this tragic disorder?

Its cruel symptoms can strike
anyone. Let's take a look.

I think the Republican Party has done
one heck of a job. Don't you, June?

I'll say, Ward. We Republicans
have turned this country around.

[Both Chuckling]
[Siren Wails] Safety and good
mileage are the two things...

I looked for
in a new car.

That's why I bought
a Volvo station wagon.