Amazon Women on the Moon

There you are. This doesn't jibe
with my figures. Okay, sweetie?

Jerry, the statistics don't
paint the picture of a mature man.

Twelve times, you ignored
your date at a party...

to flirt with
a more attractive woman.

169 times, you feigned interest when
a woman was talking about her career.

On 17 occasions,
you lied to women,

telling them you were really into
sushi and Meryl Streep movies.

Make that 18 times.
Wh-Wh-Where do they
get these figures?

As you can see,

it would be pointless
for you and I to go out.

Oh, yeah?
Well, I'm gonna get one of those
machines and see how well you come off!

Good night, Jerry.

It's early yet. Maybe you
can still get lucky in a bar.

Like you did
last Thursday.

Hello, Beverly?
[Woman] Yeah? Hi.
This is Jerry Stone. We met
the other night at Dave's party.

Oh. Hi.

Listen, I know
it's last minute,

but I wanna ask you,
are you free tonight?

Uh, yeah.
You are. Great.
Listen, I can pick you up
in 10 minutes.

Sure, okay.

Oh, Jerry, um...

Could you bring a major credit
card and a valid driver's license?

[Man] Extraterrestrials.
Strange phenomena.

Missing persons.
Lost continents.

Myths and monsters.
We examine these mysteries
to determine...

are they bullshit or not?