Amazon Women on the Moon

[Clears Throat]
Come on.

I- Is Har-Harvey here?
Yeah. He's in repose.
He looks great. Oh!

Okay, let's move along.
That's right.

Just relax, Mrs. Pitnik. You're
young. You'll... You'll meet someone.

[Sobs] Send the kids to
camp. That's what I would do.

Okay, family up front,
on the left.

- Well, I guess that's it.
- [Chattering]

Everything's taken care of. Everything.
And the buffet?
To die.

Hey, Scooter. Cute
stuff. [Sniffling, Crying]

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a wake.

So let's have fun with it, huh? Everybody,
have a great time. ¤ [Organ Stops]

¤ [Up-tempo]
[Man On P.A.] Welcome to
the O'Leary Funeral Home,

where many of the nation's top comedians
have gathered to roast our guest ofhonor,

the late Harvey Pitnik!
Please welcome...
Rip Taylor!

¤ [Singing Gibberish]

- Slappy White!
- [No Audible Dialogue]

Jackie Vernon!
Henny Youngman!
[No Audible Dialogue]

Charlie Callas!
And our roast master...
Mr. Steve Allen!

[People Gasping]
¤ [Crescendos, Stops]
And here he is,
our man of the hour...

¤ [Drum Roll]
Mr. Harvey Pitnik!